Meet The Artist



My name is Taylor and I am the artist and owner of Taylor Blacklock Art!

I am a self-taught artist! My love of art began when I was young. I grew up in a Colorado mountain town and I created art here and there over the years. I didn't really think I could do much with Art in my "grown up" life. So, I wen't to college in Gunnison, Colorado where I studied English. It wasn't until after college I really started to take art seriously. I moved to Bellingham, Washington with my sister and it was then, in a new place with a lot of time to myself, that I was able to find and cultivate my individual art style.

I started with acrylic painting and really started figuring out what style of painting I loved. I ended up really loving painting landscapes and animals and realized that was where my talent lay. I started going on solo adventures and taking pictures as inspiration for my art. My art became a creative interpretation of animals, nature, places I've lived and loved, and the adventures I was fortunate to have over the course of my life!

I moved from Bellingham back to Colorado where spent some time in Crested Butte before moving to Bend, Oregon. When COVID hit I lost my job and I moved back to Colorado. I really threw myself into my art. I started my art business in Fort Collins, CO and really began to focus on making my dream a reality.

In the last few years I began to expand my intention and creativity from painting to other aspects of the art world. I started working with digital art and vector programs. I fell in love with it. I love working with color and textures to put a unique spin on my art and the process of doing that digitally made it a lot easier, having everything at your fingertips, and allowed me to create an art piece every day. This left me with a huge content library.

Thus, I started my online print shop, Taylor Blacklock Art, where I make, print, cut, and package everything by hand!

I am so glad you are here and able to be a part of my art journey. Thank You!


Taylor Blacklock Art